Learn Elixir with Tests

Learn everything from pattern matching to advanced OTP concepts, using test-driven learning.

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I've written a ton of useful stuff in Elixir. From building essential libraries like ecto_sqlite3 to adding new features to Phoenix, I've slowly been able to build up a deep understanding of Elixir.

However, getting there wasn't easy! I took many courses, but found that most of them spent more time singing Elixir's (warranted) praises than getting into the nitty gritty on how to build useful code.

I created this course to be the resource I wanted when I first started learning Elixir. Inspired by similar resources in other languages, I've created a course that goes step by step, building and testing useful modules - starting from the first chapter!

With this test-centric approach, we are able to dig deep into practical topics that many resources forget to even mention:

Learn Elixir with Tests takes everything I know about Elixir to teach each and every part of the Elixir language, from the simple to the complex, in depth. By the end of the course, you will be ready to write useful software with Elixir.

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Who am I?

Hey! I'm @kevinclang. I've worked as a software engineer for many years, building products at companies like Redfin and Microsoft.

In 2021, I quit my job to focus on helping and teaching others. I write tutorials, create libraries and make courses like this one!